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Nathan Thomas's 2019 BRZ Limited

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Car Description:
Modifications include Voltex type 7 GT swan neck wing, Wedssport SA-10R rims, Toyo Proxes tires, white tire lettering, carbon fiber center-caps, BC Racing BR series coilovers, OEM Audio Reference 500 carbon fiber sound system, fully custom underglow kit, Valenti sequential smoked tail lights and 4th brake light, perrin sound tube delete, red and black door card inserts, and most importantly, a Mishimoto penguin air freshener for cuteness. The BRZ has been my dream car since I was 13, and after seeing Dai Yoshihara's FD BRZ and Ryan Teurck's 4586, I was convinced I needed to make one my own. The modifications I've done were inspired by designs seen at the Tokyo auto salon, the 2019 Subaru BRZ Super GT300 production race car, the BRZ I made in Forza Horizon 3, long hours of my dad showing me how to work on cars, and my love for electronics.

The underglow on the car was built by my dad and I in our basement to both be as bright as possible (~3 amps when all lines are powered) and double as a scrape guard so the rails holding the lights would take the brunt of speedbumps and curbs instead of the front bumper. There is also an interior remote/front dash mounted light display with a microphone that can be set to power the lights based upon ambient sound coming from the cabin (clapping, music, and voices get directly translated to a lightshow) in addition to pre-programmed sequences. The car is running 2 degrees of camber all around and has a staggered wheel setup (18x8.5+45 front 18x9.5+45 rear) to give it as much rear wheel grip as possible, allowing it to shred corners 30 mph faster than almost any other car I've owned. I've kept the powertrain stock because I can't justify putting an exhaust on without professionally tuning it for reliability, and I can't yet afford a fully built IAG closed deck short block and turbo with all the right oil cooling add-ons. (some day!)

The centerpiece of the car, besides the gorgeous Wedssport wheels finished in "Zebra Black Bright," is hands down the swan neck wing. I decided to buy a swan neck in 2020 right after getting the car, and of course Audi and Porsche had to copy me with the wings on the R8 LMS GT3 and 2022 911 GT3. I think I'm more proud of the trunk it sits on than the wing itself, since I stored the stock 2019 trunk and wing, instead opting to mount this one to a 2014 BRZ's trunk and teach myself how to bondo, sand, bondo, sand, bondo, sand my way into prepping it for paint. Funny enough, the mounts that it came with were destroyed in transit, so the wing uprights affixing it to the trunk are made from aluminum dock float that I cut to fit with a jigsaw, sanded, painted, and mounted with hardware.

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