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Stafford Motor Speedway - Stafford Springs, CT
** June 2, 2024 **

Alex Poelzing's 2017 Impreza WRX Premium

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Car Description:
Not pictured on current photos (parts will be installed before the show) I will also update photos as parts get added.

As of 4/21 car is getting wrapped.
Next week all the aero parts go back on.
4/26 wrap is full completed.

Airlift3P System has been installed to the car, along with rolling the rear fenders for proper fitment. Just upgraded the rear lower control arms with SPC's. Car is getting aligned this week (4/17) Trunk has been neatly organized and wires and hoses ran.

Splitter, Lip, Side skirts, diffuser; all from DownForce Solutions, half wrap custom design (VinylGuru on IG)
(getting wrapped before the end of APRIL; pictures will be updated)

Some name brand parts the car features; Option Lab Wheels wrapped in Dunlop Summer tires.
Battle Aero Chasis mounted spoiler. (I had to custom hand cut the bumper slits to allow for the wing mounts to come through the bumper)
Subiespeed Headlights & Taillights.
Billetworkz Shiftknob and Blue A/C Control Covers.
Nameless Catback exhaust w/ Custom Resonator delete.

After removing the orignal CF DuckBill spoiler, I found the begining of rust formation from years of water pooling underneath the spoiler. I've since had to hand sand the entire top of the trunk, bondo the low spots where I sanded the most, and primer the trunk. No repaint needed as the trunk will be fully wrapped white as part of the wrap design I am doing.

Companies I've worked with that have helped me a lot.. FAP Auto, AZP Installs, BagRiders.

This is literally my daily driver. I drive this thing every other day to the gym, and when I need to go shopping, to work, and out with friends. This car sees rain and shine, and even snow every single year since I bought it back in 2019. I’ve been slowly been building the car ever since I bought it when I was 19. Im 22 now and still not done with the thing, it’s slowly but surly getting there but I believe it’s finally ready for a show.

WBM 2022 will be its first car show ever, if accepted. I’m excited to share what a daily driver can really look like with proper car and maintenance.

Update for 2023 WBM:
ADDED: Ohlin Track Suspension
Carbon Fiber Trunk
Carbon Fiber VIS Racing HOOD
Carbon Fiber Fenders & Caps
New UK Version SubieSpeed Headlights

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