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Rebecca Souza's 2017 BRZ 860 Special Edition

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Car Description:
2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition. This is the special edition for 2017. Toyota manufactured 860 in Solar Orange with black stripes and orange accent interior stitching, and 860 in Halo White with stripes and stitching. My 86 is bone stock, and I've enjoyed it every day as my daily driver. It's a unique special edition that is not often seen and the color is a head turner. It's a 3 stage metallic orange that looks phenomenal in any lighting. Would love to show off my boy to others to enjoy as I have. It rocks that legendary boxer engine, mated to a unique 6 speed automatic transmission from select year Lexus IS300's with the optional transmission. This 1st generation is almost identical to the BRZ in almost every way. 2017 was the first year of the 86, as in 2016 Scion was reabsorbed into Toyota's nameplate, and the FR-S became the 86. This particular car I walked past in the showroom everyday for 2 years until I left that job. A little over a year later I'm in the market for a new car. This one never left, going on to become a Service Loaner for some time, gaining 8,000 miles. As of April 14th, I've had it for 3 years. This is Ventus, and I hope you'll consider him for the car show!

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