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John D's 2013 Impreza Sport

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So there is no Subaru WRX hatchback in 2013 forward, I really like the hatchbacks especially from earlier years, My family has 2 others. I had purchased a 2013 sport hatch just as a commuter for work, and then I visited with Lee at AVO Turboworld outside of Melbourne Australia, and found that I could add a turbo kit to the 2013 Impreza , so I purchased the kit from Lee.

I added some other touches including side and front spoiler/trim, 18" Cosmos Racing wheels, wide tires, coil overs and lower stance, rear F1 and side reflector lighting, flashing brake lights, front LED lighting, yellow accents and fog lights, Also yellow brake calipers and Subieflow windshield banner.

I added some engine bay dress up including radiator, alternator and fender shrouds, Perrin battery tie down, yellow silicone radiator hoses, pcv oil separator catch can, AVO quad exhaust, K & N air filter, Perrin pitch mount, Cartboy short throw shifter & bushings, high pressure fuel pump and larger injectors. New for this 2022 event, I have replaced the AVO provided Bosch bypass valve with a GoFastBits TMS valve which has adjustable atmospheric venting as well as re circulation.

For the interior, I added Impreza Sport mats, STI pedal set with dead pedal, front and rear LED floor lighting, Billetworkz shift knob, wheel skins leather laced steering wheel wrap, ProSport Oil temperature and boost gauges, Innovate Wideband O2 Meter and ODBII parameter reader.(cannot get Cobb for N/A Impreza) and Billetworkz rear window vents

Most of the work was not so tough, but the oil lines from the kit did not reach and the exhaust was too long, so some custom mods were done.

I took several tuning courses (EFI University and HP Academy) and picked up Epifan Subaru Edit software which allowed me to create a custom tune. That was likely the most difficult task. I run about 7psi of boost, which gives the 150hp N/A FB20 motor a bit more kick, but won't kill it. It’s not quite a WRX, and cannot make big power, but way more fun than the factory Sport was.

After more road testing and driving, I made a few more changes and tuning tweaks. I added Versus hood vents as well as removing the front grill baffles to increase airflow over the intercooler. I added Hella Sharptone horns, also painted to neon yellow, I cleaned up the pcv oil separator hoses, turbo oil and boost vacuum lines, as well as added multi color daytime running lights. I changed from black to Muteki Neo Chrome lug nuts and painted the rear differential cover neon yellow..

I am currently painting a set of Brembo brakes, 4Pot fronts and 2Pot rears which I hope to have installed by WBM along with braided steel brake lines. They will be neon yellow to match the rest of the color trim. Well, I have some fitment issues so they are not yet installed.

I have enjoyed this project, although its a bit unusual and many of the items needed custom work as they were not available for this year/model (everyone focuses on the WRX and STI). I hope you like it and let me show it as well as share my story with others at the meet. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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