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Stafford Motor Speedway - Stafford Springs, CT
** June 2, 2024 **

Howard Johnson's 2020 Other FActory Five Racing

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Car Description:
I would like this year to be my second year in the show. I won Best Other last year and spent the whole show talking to people curious about my car. No one had ever seen anything like it. I want to continue to encourage everyone to tear into their car. Below is my description from last year.

I started with a 2003 WRX. I removed the engine and transmission, rotors, calipers, lower control arms, rear door hinges, wiring harness, emergency brake assembly and cable, steering rack and column, rear transmission mount and many other nuts, bolts and fasteners. I combined these parts with over 550 items from Factory Five Racing, my revamped wiring harness by iWire, an ATWIC and shifter and various vent covers from Zero Decibel, new rims and huge tires. The assembly manual is over 500 pages long ( lots of pictures). The process took me 3 years and many headaches. I had the right front clip on and off at least 22 times before I was happy. I took it to ECS for a Cobb port and a dyno tune. Here we are. I will upgrade the interior with more carpeting and wrap it next winter.

I love puzzles. I ran into a seeming dead end over and over during the build. The best part of the build has been the friends I’ve made in NASIOC and on the FFR 818 forum. They have given me time and knowledge without which many puzzles would never have been solved. Now I have a race car I can drive on the street. I smile after every I take without using my brakes.

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