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Lee B's 2021 Impreza WRX Premium

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Hi, My name is Lee, I have been a Subie girl for a long time even thought I didn't own one until a few years ago, I started with a '99 Outback, Then I got my Impreza in '21. I brought my Impreza to Boxerfest last year after I completed a half wrap myself. The Impreza was not my dream car and I spent over a year searching until I found my WRX! Currently, I only have cosmetic mods on the car simply because I am learning. I wrapped the hood scoop and mirrors myself and did some interior mods such as purple interior striping strips, Stitch Boots shift and ebrake boot, and put galaxy fabric on my pillars and door panels. I am a subie girl for life, in face, I got a tattoo on my shifting hand of the Subaru logo because no matter what, every Subaru I owned made me smile and has a special place in my heart.

Im going to half wrap my WRX in a purple galaxy pattern this summer and will be ready for Boxerfest, I also want to work on doing some engine bay mods to make it look nicer and more cohesive. Eventually, I want to upgrade my headlights, taillights and new wheels. I'm doing as much as I can on my own first. I've inspired many people along the way with my own DIYs. I love how many people I've reached just by documenting my progress.

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