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** June 2, 2024 **

Paul S's 1979 1600 GL

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Car Description:
Recently returned to roadworthy.
Work in progress.
Car sat for decades in a garage waiting for me. Plaid interior. Tubed tires. Previous owner had it up on jackstands. And he sprayed much undercoating and made typical backyard repairs to the body.
Although very low miles this car had a 2wd exhaust from the Y pipe back. And a few other less than ideal situations went along with that. But I’m general it’s a reasonably solid car and a GL with Four Spoke Steering wheel, AM/FM radio, a “spotlight” dome light, air conditioning, and optional speakers in the rear cargo area.
The previous owner had removed the roof rack which I’ll likely place back after bodywork and paint sometime in the near future.

But I may sell it for other projects I have coming. Talk to me.

Enjoy your day !

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