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** June 2, 2024 **

Paul S's 1979 DL/GL GL 4WD wagon

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Car Description:
Slowly returning to the road. Just registered this spring 2024 after sitting on stands in a garage in New Jersey for over 30 years.

This car may be up for sale as I have projects and limited space. I’ve owned these era cars many times over. Although this one is a keeper, the projects I’ve always hoped for have come along and I’m not likely to keep this beauty.

Plaid interior, GL trim as in four spoke steering wheel, AM/FM stereo with rear speaker set (option), and air conditioning.

Over 40 years with these cars and I was smart enough to buy the old dealer stock before it was gone. Mechanically very sound.
Body has its typical spots that the original owner had made attempts to patch and spray or brush on heavy silver colored undercoating. I’m not going to repair those. So the next owner can have that fun and save some money.

Because if this car had its body up to spec. it would be around $10k or more depending on how I dress it up.

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