America's largest Subaru enthusiast festival

Stafford Motor Speedway - Stafford Springs, CT
** June 2, 2024 **

Michael D's 2022 Outback Wilderness

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Car Description:
R t x bronze rims. Two inch iron man lift. Primitive racing skid plate package. Morimoto four banger lights3sets. Also rock lights. A f e rock sliders. Dirt com. Tire carrier with table. Thule Flush roof frack. C a tuned brush bar. Weather tech rain deflectors Weather tech sunsade, Double an single mattresses. Bug screens. My subaru wildness. Has taken me to some very beautiful places. We enjoy it on the massachusetts beaches. The dirt roads of maine. From the coast to the mountains, I have no fear my Subie. Will get me there. And back Safely. I also have a trailer hitch. Looking forward to getting a small camper. I have a hatch awning. I look forward to going to the meet.
With my outback. We have a large amount of carrying space for most all of our needs. The car is very comfortable. My family and friends enjoy riding it and going Out into nature on the beaches. A couple of my family members also have Subaru's the ascent . And an older outback. I believe mine is the newest of the families. Subaru's. When I go to the beach? I am required to have some safety items. Such as a shovel, max tracks.
In eighteen by eighteen inch, three quarter inch thick Piece of plywood for a jackpad, along with my fifth R. TX.
Nitto grappler full size tire. And stock Jack with a tow. Rope. I'm stuck at 92% of having your form filled out. I don't get stuck in my Subaru. I'm happy with that if you have any suggestions on what I missed for 8 percent I would appreciate the help. Thank you very much look forward to the wicked big meet.

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