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Brian S's 2022 Crosstrek Premium

Member #8349

Car Description:
GrimmSpeed Trails Pully Cover
E-Trailer Hitch
Haul-Master Flip-up Cargo Tray
Haul-Master Roof Basket.
Orsinivinylanddesigns Badge Overlays
WeatherTech Front Rear Seat Protectors

Tankerbell is a 2022 Subaru Crosstrek Limited in plasma yellow pearl. She is the fourth in line of a Subaru family that also includes an Impreza, Forester XT limited, Outback, Baja and Legacy.

Tankerbell is a daily driven mom-mobile whose owner has fully leaned in to the red dash lights and orange contrast styling with red orange mountain decal overlays from Orsini Vinyl and Designs. Her other mods presently include a JDM front license plate from Signs and Tags Online, a hitch with cargo gate, rooftop cross bars with Maxxhaul rooftop cargo tray, premium OEM sound package, and Subaru pet access mat, as well as rear seat protectors and front seat back cargo protectors as any good pet owner and mom-mobile should have.

Other mods in the works include mudflaps, decals and styling, color coordinated calipers and upgraded brakes, rooftop canopy and other additions that will help Tankerbell become the best outdoor adventurer version of herself. Tankerbell has already made herself known on the upper eastern shore Chesapeake Bay sailing circuit, where her all weather mat additions to the cargo tray package have come in very handy. She has also traveled to the Delaware beaches, various food festivals, and up to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Tankerbell's name draws inspiration from her space olive color scheme and her steadfast presence as a rugged yet attractive sidekick; in other words, a combination of Tinkerbell and Tank Girl. In a family where vehicles routinely surpass the 250k mile mark, Tankerbell has found more than enough friends, protectors, and exciting pursuits to make her life a long and fulfilling one. Her owners are thrilled to continue their membership in a community of car owners who prize living responsibly, enjoying the great outdoors, and loving the vehicles that make it all possible.

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