America's largest Subaru enthusiast festival

Stafford Motor Speedway - Stafford Springs, CT
** June 5, 2022 **

About DeatschWerks:
Founded in 2004, DeatschWerks, LLC is a company dedicated to providing high-performance fuel system solutions. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, DW operates out of its own 36,000 sq. ft. facility that houses all of the company's functions including design, end-manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, marketing, and administration. DeatschWerks' roots were established by offering high flow drop-in fitment fuel injectors. In 2009 DW expanded into fuel pumps with the DW300 the first in-tank fuel pump to outflow the standard 255 LPH pump. Since then, DW has developed innovative fuel system components such as the in-line 250iL and 350iL pumps, modular surge tanks, conversion fuel rails, dual-stage fuel filters, and ethanol compatible fuel pressure regulators. Today, the DeatschWerks line-up of fuel system components includes over 500 SKU’s covering Sport Compact, Modern Muscle, and Euro applications.

Why we love Wicked Big Meet:
Great gathering of like minded Suabru owners who's goal is to better their cars and the strengthen the community of owners.

Why you should come to our booth at WBM 2022:
Come see the fuel system upgrades that DeatschWerks offer for your build. Buy at the booth to walk away with what you need to meet your horsepower goals.

What we're giving away at WBM 2022:
$500 gift card with swag pack

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