America's largest Subaru enthusiast festival

Stafford Motor Speedway - Stafford Springs, CT
** September 12, 2021 **

Sparta Evolution

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About Sparta Evolution:
Sparta Evolution, located in Redmond, WA, is a research, development, and manufacturing firm dedicated to producing the highest quality brake systems for motor sports and every day use. With the brightest and most passionate enthusiasts, drivers, and engineers in the industry, we are continually evolving to ensure our brakes look, feel, and perform at the absolute peak of your cars braking potential. Our extensive prototyping, engineering, and testing extends throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our quality driven components are as affordable as they are effective. Each product is delivered to our valuable network of worldwide customers with maximum levels of quality inspection, final documentation, and packaging. Sparta Evolution is in the constant pursuit of higher performance. The experience and knowledge we have earned through years in the racing industry allow us to apply an ever evolving level of development and growth to our entire range of products. Strength is reborn and refined by Sparta Evolution.

Why we love Wicked Big Meet:
As a company of passionate enthusiasts, we love the passion that Subaru owners bring to the event. An entire fandom of people who love their cars and use them as intended.

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