America's largest Subaru enthusiast festival

Stafford Motor Speedway - Stafford Springs, CT
** June 5, 2022 **

Sambar Squad

Subaru Club

About Sambar Squad:
We are a tight-knit community of Subaru Sambar owners who are excited to share the wonders of these tiny little trucks and vans!

Why we love Wicked Big Meet:
I have brought my own Sambar to the last 3 WBMs, and it always attracts a crowd. I love letting people hop in and take some photos!

Why you should come to our booth at WBM 2022:
Come check out one of our examples of Subaru Sambars, while your 4-legged companion takes a short break in our Doggie Pit-Stop!

What we're giving away at WBM 2022:
JDM Item Pack - Broadway Mirror and JDM Magnets

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